Moving to the Tin Star Cottage

Early in October 2019 we had an opportunity to change the location of our shop. It was a big leap of faith for us because as many of you know, we had been in the same location for almost 13 years. I had grown accustomed to being right down the road from my house, easily able to run errands, come in late, run out to grab lunch or call in sick because I knew that someone would always be there to check on my shop when I wasn't there. But the other part of having that convenience is also a certain kind of dependence on others. We were looking for a change and this cottage just kind of fell in our laps (but not like the Wizard of Oz, no ruby slippers were involved). It was serendipity, fate that Mom met the owner of the building and Mom and I both believe if you are given an opportunity like that, when you are struggling to figure out what to do when you grow up so to speak, then you should just accept the gift and make it work. When we drove out and saw the cottage and the other little shops nearby, we just knew. We were in our new location, set up to start selling by November 1, 2019, 15 days later. I don't recommend a move like that!

The funny thing about being in the cottage is that suddenly my creativity started emerging from wherever it had been hiding for the last couple of years. There are so many ideas just pinging around in my head now. Our shop has the perfect setting for events of all kinds. There is no end to the things we can do here. We are hoping to have a few select vendors that will join our little cottage family so that we can bring you most unique merchandise around. We still carry all of the fabulous clothing brands that you know and love and a couple of new ones as well.  I hope you will come to see us in person and see for yourselves how adorable our Tin Star Cottage really is.